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Friday, May 27, 2011

This Is Dusun/Kadazan Native Food!! HINAVA

Hinava (Recipes from sabah bah-tasty)

* mackerel - flesh, just bones removed and finely chopped
* 6 red onion (sliced​​)
* 2 garlics (sliced​​)
* 3-4 Orange Cotton Seeds (Take the juice)
* A little salt, seasoning powder, Ginger
* Bitter - sliced ​​thinly
* Red chillies - finely sliced
* Chilli padi (small chilli)

1) Mackerel cleaned first, then chopped up fine.
2) Pour some hot water over the contents of the fish for 1 minute and drain.
3) All materials that had been sliced ​​thinly stirr with fish meat.
4) then mixed with lemon juice and cotton.
5) Good luck recipes from the Sabah Land Below The Wind delicious BAH!

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